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That’s What I Have Been Looking For

Thanks to my good friend, Glenn Sessoms, (recently retired Chief Diversity Officer for FedEx who now has the time to help his still “too busy to see what is in front of them” friends like me). Glenn sent me an email last month reminding me not to overlook the blessings in my life and get caught up in trying to find joy, peace, and happiness in other places.

In his book, Money: A User’s Manual, Bob Russell describes a farmer who once grew discontent with his farm. He griped about the lake on his property always needing to be stocked and managed. He complained about all those stupid cows wandering around his land. He lamented about all the fencing, and feeding and upkeep, and maintenance – the list went on and on…what a headache!

So, he called a Realtor and made plans to list the farm. A few days later the agent phoned, wanting approval for the advertisement she intended to place in the local paper. She read the ad to the farmer. It described a lovely farm in an ideal location – quiet and peaceful, contoured with rolling hills, carpeted with soft meadows, nourished by a fresh lake, and blessed with well-bred livestock. The farmer said, “Read that ad to me again.”

After hearing it a second time, he decided, “I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going to sell.  I’ve been looking for a place like that all my life.”

Aren’t we like that farmer? I know I am. Sometimes I get so busy working on “all my stuff” that I forget I have it pretty good.  I think  I just forget to be thankful.

Pause today and take a moment to inventory all the things you are thankful for.