Move It!

Dave & Lindsey - ING Georgia Half MarathonThis past weekend I was in downtown Atlanta for the ING Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon. I’d love to tell you I was there competing in the race but I wasn’t.  Honestly I’d rather lance a boil than run a half marathon.

But my daughter had been training and this was to be her first one…so naturally I was there to cheer her on.  There were over 16,000 runners partaking in the morning’s activities with 14,000 in the half marathon and another 2500 sickos running in the full marathon.

What I saw surprised me…my expectations were that I would see a bunch of skinny malnourished people looking like they hadn’t eaten a good meal in a month.  But that wasn’t the case at all.  Ok – honestly there were a bunch of people with bodies resembling rake handles around but I also found a sea of humanity in all shapes and sizes.  And get this – they were all happy!

It’s true! All of them smiling, high-fiving, slapping each other on the back!  Now keep in mind that it is 6:00am! And it is about to rain!

“What is wrong with these people” I said to myself.  And then it occurred to me. They are out here “moving it”. Exercising.

It doesn’t take very much investigative digging to find the benefits of exercising. You see it on the list of ways to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, maintain good health, build self –esteem, increase immunity, lose weight, lower anxiety, improve sleep, inrease alertness and mental sharpness…the list goes on and on!

All these people had tapped into one of the greatest secrets around. Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  But the key is, no matter what your body type – move it.  You deserve the benefits!

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