The Day Before

Well, we leave tomorrow and the last minute running around has been pretty exciting. There has been a lot of “getting things”:
*getting 1 more Hepatitis A and B shot,
*getting Malaria medicine into our systems,
*getting close to 100 tennis balls to give to the children we meet,
*getting as many balloons crammed into the unused corners of our luggage,
*getting our clothes sprayed with mosquito poison/repellent,

*getting 4 cases of tooth brushes and tooth paste (Thank you Dr. Tom Turner!!)
*getting lots of snacks
*getting packed
and finally getting very excited!!!!!!!

So far the weather for our trip looks like it will be great with highs around 100 and lows around 62 and it looks like the heavy winds off the desert are going to hold off a few more weeks (actually this is both good news and bad news…the good news is that the dust and sand will not be flying around and the sky will be gorgeous–the bad news is nothing to blow the mosquitoes away!)

My wardrobe looks almost like I am planning for a nuclear strike…I will pretty much be covered from head to toe with clothing (giving those mosquitoes very little to shoot at). I spent an hour today literally poisoning all of our exterior clothes to keep them at bay. The day we return I will leave to begin speaking in 4 cities in 6 days and I do not want to have malaria.

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