One thought on “Check out the new!

  1. Susan

    I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our school this afternoon. So many things mentioned pertained to me. Funny how at times, it seemed that you were speaking directly to me! This is my 24th year teaching, and just this morning (first day back), I was talking to myself saying” seven more years until retirement! ” I love my job, and know I do it well. I am the one who has past students at my door each and every day! I know I make a difference in their lives, and am blessed to have had the chance to do so. But boy am I tired!!!! LOL The other item that really opened my eyes was letting go and forgiveness. How true that the only one hurt by negative feelings is myself. What a release to “let go” and to forgive. Thank you again for your inspiring words and wonderful energy. (I will take good care of my frog!) What a great reminder of your fantastic presentation. 🙂


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