The Great Thief

I am convinced that there are many people in the world with great lives and they don’t realize it. From pop stars to politicians to presidents – they have it “all” and yet they can’t fully enjoy it.

Why? Because there is a thief running loose in their life and they don’t even realize they are being robbed.

You‘ve seen these people…

The athlete with the seven-figure income and countless endorsements isn’t happy because he hasn’t won the “ultimate” championship game.

The CEO whose company is in the Fortune 500, who owns a Mercedes 500, and box seats at the Daytona 500, but market share isn’t at 85% yet.

The actress with the best leading men and a long list of hit movies or plays but doesn’t have “the” award.

The thief is stealing their joy. Their satisfaction. Their contentment.

This thief, however, is not one that is limited just to the celebrities or corporate heroes of our time. Oh no. It can invade the lives of everyday people like you and me too.

The stay at home mom with three great kids who can’t see beyond the stained carpet and where the dog chewed the couch.

The supervisor with the wonderful team at the office, a nice home, and a good marriage but struggles everyday with anger or envy at the sight of the other supervisor pulling into the company parking lot in that new BMW.

The thief? Believe it or not, is what we choose to focus on.

When we focus on what we don’t have, or what we lack, or on situations that displease us, our thoughts get cloudy, our minds get murky and we fixate on what is “wrong” refusing to enjoy life until that is “fixed”. As a result we miss out on so many blessings because we are not really “seeing” them. We are looking at what we lack or focusing on what is “not right”.

The defense for this thief? Take nothing for granted and be thankful for everything. Learn to go through life with an attitude of gratitude and you have a security system that this thief cannot penetrate. You deserve to enjoy your great life!

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