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Remember those from your childhood? Boy, I do. I loved do-overs. Whenever I messed up something (which as I recall was quite often), I’d just yell out, “Do over!” and I got to try again.

I wish we didn’t outgrow do-overs. I sure would have like to have called some recently.

Like when I snapped at my bride, when I was really upset with something that had happened at work. I knew I had hurt her feelings and when she walked off to the back of the house, I thought, “Way to go Dave…you insensitive meathead!”

I would have liked a do-over just last month when I hit “Reply All” instead of “Reply”… awkward.

How about the time I belched out loud in front of about 500 people in the middle of a presentation I was making (there is just something so special about an electronically enhanced burp).

A do-over would have been just the ticket for all those days I wasted worrying about issues that never materialized, or being angry at people when I didn’t have all the facts, or playing the “what if” game on decisions I had made.

I think we need to bring the do-over back. I know I could sure use some. And hey, while I’m thinking about it, we probably ought to learn to give others do-overs too.

I am certainly not perfect. I am going to mess up. You’re not perfect either. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to yell out “Do-over” and everyone was cool with it?

I am glad God still gives them.