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Navel Gazing

I was listening to syndicated financial talk show host Dave Ramsey today as I drove home from the office and, as he does in every broadcast, he shared a “quote of the day” with his listeners. I am a collector of quotes. I have collected them my entire life—a trait I inherited from my dad (along with a propensity to laugh at my own jokes). I even collect quotes that I don’t understand in hopes that one day I might be mature enough to understand them (honestly, my wife holds out very little hope for me in that area).

Nevertheless, it was a quote I had never heard before and I did not want to forget it. So I pinched the steering wheel between both knees, grabbed a pen and notepad, and balanced them on the horn so I could jot it down.

“He who considers his work beneath him will be above doing it well.”

So short.
So compact.
So true.

Haven’t you noticed someone like this…so put out that they have to do this “pathetic job”? Or, have you ever been this person? I have…and it’s not a very pretty place to be.

You see when we find ourselves with thoughts like this; guess who we are 100% completely focused on? Yep, you got it. Ourselves. And honestly, there are very few jobs that you will ever be successful at when your focus is on yourself.

So, change your perspective. Stop navel-gazing. Choose to place your focus on serving others and watch new opportunities come your way.