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New Year’s Resolutions?

Well here we are at the end of January 2010. The experts all tell us that most of us have already abandoned our New Year’s resolutions and feel like failures again. But who says resolutions are only to be set once a year on January 1st. Whose big idea was that?

It’s kind of stupid when you stop to think about it. I mean, anything that is really worth starting is worth starting whenever you want to start. Right?

Hey, I have an idea…why don’t we make a new rule that you can create a resolution anytime you want. Who says January 1 is the big winner?

Actually, it seems like our entire world has been set up so that we can make a resolution almost anytime we want. At the start of a new month, a new week, a new day, a new hour… you get the picture.

And when we fail, it’s not “game over”. This life we live is a marathon, not a sprint. Pick yourself up, dust the dirt off, and start again. You are worth it!